Pronounced "KONGOS" - KONGOS is spelled like this:

" K" for Cool, "O" for Awesome, "N" for Knowledge, "G" for Jenius, "O" for Artistic, "S" for speling

There's no "The" in KONGOS.

There is however a "the" in "THEre."

It's not KONGO's, it's not Congos, congas, kongus, kongas, or Jeff.

No relation to Cheick Kongo, the conga drum, the Kongo people of Africa, Donkey Kong, Kongos Norman, Kongos pizza, Kongos Club in Oklahoma, twitter.com/kongos, Kat Kongos, Lasse Kongos, the japanese class of battleship or Kevin Bacon.

Press Quotes

It's rare to be in on the ground floor of something that doesn't sound like anything else you might've heard before
Serene Dominic • Phoenix New Times

KONGOS produces a refreshing, captivating rock-tribal like vibe that will leave you absolutely charmed out of your mind!
Lana Oosthuisen • SA Music Zone

As well as the incontestable youthful talent, what impresses even more is the controlled emotional outpourings ...
Jonathan Leonard • Leonard's Lair

Each song has so much attention to the groove that it sounds like another level of music has been reached that other people haven't quite made it to. GREAT record!
Murphy • Undiscovered Radio Network

Kongos are bound to make it big. Their songs are radio-ready and they have a frickin' kickin' accordian!
Tim Wardyn • Music-Critic.com

This band have built a burgeoning reputation recently and it's easy to see why here. The album bristles with intelligently written soulful pop-rock ...
Haydon S. • The-Mag.co.uk

Kongos sounds like no other band, not just in the Valley, but in the whole of mainstream rock music ...
Chris Hansen Orf • Get Out

KONGOS use a combination of classic rock elements, African rhythms and Balkan beats to produce an eargasmic soundscape.
Sindy Peters • BizCommunity

The four sons of UK rock legend John Kongos have recorded an amazing album in the finest spirit of their father's 1971 Kongos classic
Robert Silverstein • 20th Century Guitar

What separates this band are the overtones of electronic mixes, accordion solos, and African-inspired beats that make this band stand out amongst your typical 'rock band.'
Kim Milbrandt • Copperstate Music

... samples, thick dance beats, or accordions, Kongos is sure to surprise the hell out of you.
J-Sin • Smother Magazine

... there's a lot more going on than you first realise ... Definitely a grower is this one ... I think it's more 'Sunday music' than 'Friday night' music, if you catch my drift.
The Beat Surrender