A rock band of four brothers, sons of South African/British musician and songwriter John Kongos. They're a 10+ year "overnight success" with a huge breakout song (Come With Me Now), trying to turn a hit song into much more by hitting the road and toughing it out with their loyal road crew.

This documentary series is a realistic window into one of the most coveted and often overly romanticized jobs in the world: touring in a rock band. This is travel, culture, humor, relationships, drama, heartbreak, redemption and most importantly a family of characters with a common goal.

“Bus Call”, simply put, is the time that you need to be on the bus because it's leaving for the next city, but as you'll find out in this series, the term takes on a greater meaning. This is a nomadic life where everything changes on a daily basis. The only constants are the people traveling with you and your "home," the bus. Bus Call and other daily markers are the anchor points around which your life revolves.


Eight +/- 30 min episodes. In the last 3 years the band has played more than 400 shows across 30 countries in hun- dreds of cities all over the world, from Moscow to Johannesburg to Lawrence, Kansas, and they've had videographers with them for all of it. The story follows a current timeline of the band’s trajectory from unknown, to hit song, toa struggling third album release leading to ensuing tension and conflict with the record label and team, to getting back on the horse and keeping the dream alive with international touring and recording their 4th album. Parallel to this timeline, the story looks back into the history of the family with a wealth of home video, giving insight into the 30+ years of love, work and investment that lead to this point.